Video Diaries for Autistics, by Autistics

GXA YouTube Playlist

YouTube, the wondrous equalizer and vault of knowledge, has become the home for autistics wanting to share their life experience with you. It’s vast, that’s true, but your friend (yours truly) has wrangled it into a browsable resource for your viewing pleasure. Learn about yourself through the voices of your autie tribe.

GenX Aspie YouTube Playlists

Autism 102: The Basics+
Autism Diaries – Female Perspective
Autism Diaries – Male Perspective
Autism Diaries – People of Color Perspective
Autism Diaries – LGBTQIA Perspective
Senses, Stims, Wellness, & Health
Overwhelm, Meltdown, Shutdown
Friendships, Relationships, Family
ASD & Culture
ASD Adulting
ASD at Work & School
Adult ASD Diagnosis & Discovery
ASD Braaaaaaains
ASD Researchers’ Playlist
ASD Stuff Made by Non-ASD People

Disclaimer: We have not watched each and every second of each and every video selected. The intent is to bring together our voices and by doing so, offer a cross-section of opinions, information, and experiences. No stance is taken by the collections. No endorsements offered. It is on you to do your homework to verify anything that catches your interest. We cool? Good. Personal responsibility is a fabulous thing. Moving right along.

Do you make ASD YouTube videos?

If you’re a video creator, let us know when you have a clip you’d like included. Your voice counts and deserves to be heard. Head on over to our contact form and give us the 411 or tweet us @genxaspie.

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